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Four Reasons You Need A Custom Mascot

Are you looking for some good luck? Well, consider purchasing a custom mascot! The word “mascot” originates from the French term “mascotte,” which means lucky charm. However, it’s a lot easier to find the perfect custom mascot than it is to find a four-leaf clover. From sports games, tradeshows, schools, or social media, mascots can be seen everywhere. A mascot can be any person, animal, or an object used to represent an organization, company, product, or service. If you’re considering getting a custom mascot, you may be asking, “How can a mascot add value to our organization?” or “What impact would a mascot have on our brand?”.

Get lucky and discover a mascot’s meaning! These are the top four reasons YOU need a mascot.

1. Custom mascots personalize a brand

Think of a professional mascot as your brand’s personal leprechaun! From a human to an animal, the custom mascot design you choose will personalize your brand. If you’re looking for custom mascot ideas, consider tapping into your organization’s history. Perhaps your mascot character played a part in how your organization came to be! One purpose of a mascot is to showcase your brand’s unique personality. Mascots can add a personal dimension to your marketing efforts by giving your audience a physical character to connect with. A mascot with meaning adds an image to your organization that a logo cannot.

If you’re looking for more mascot marketing ideas, view our blog on how to turn your mascot into a celebrity.


2. Mascot costumes get attention

Although leprechauns may be on the shorter side, mascots aren’t short when it comes to grabbing attention! Another purpose of a mascot is to attract your audience’s attention. If you are at a community event or tradeshow, what’s catching your eye first, a larger-than-life custom mascot or a colored tablecloth? A professional mascot costume can take your marketing efforts to new heights. When determining the size of you costume, it’s important to consider the mascot design. Check out our blog on balancing design and functionality of a mascot costume.


3. Mascots strengthen relationships

A mascot’s meaning to your brand includes building relationships. Think about it- when alumni recall their school days, they rarely forget their mascot. The third purpose of a mascot is to strengthen both internal and external relationships. Internally, having a custom mascot character can make a workplace more welcoming and exciting. Externally, a mascot’s meaning to the public can include having a friendly character to interact with at events. No matter someone’s age, nothing beats giving a custom mascot a high five or a hug! Read some of our customers’ testimonials on how our professional mascot costumes strengthened their brand.

4. Custom mascots are cost effective

Mascots are important and can help you find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. With their history of a strong return on investment, designing and producing a custom mascot will be worth it for your brand. By investing in a mascot, you are investing in priceless connections and opening the door to marketing your brand’s image. Professional mascot costumes can initially be a large investment but will pay off in the end. Check out our blog on mascot prices to give you an idea of what to expect to pay for your mascot character.


If you've been asking “How can a mascot add value to our organization?” or “What impact would a mascot have on our brand?” you need mascot to increase your brand's value and get your organization the attention it deserves. With our over 45 years of experience in crafting custom mascot costumes, trust Olympus Mascots to make your mascot as lucky as can be!

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