Milwaukee Brewers Barrelman Mascot Costume

Are Mascot Accessories Right for You?

If you’ve already purchased your custom mascot costume, what else might you need? Well, you may want to consider mascot accessories. There are many values to incorporating mascot accessories into your mascot program. Mascot accessories are a great tool to promote certain events or causes, and they can help represent your company culture.

From outfits to props, to travel necessities, there are many different types of accessories to choose from. Whether you want to clothe your mascot in a custom branded outfit or holiday outfit or want your character to carry around fun props, you can take your mascot to the next level by ordering custom mascot accessories!

Mascot Outfits

Your mascot will likely be used at various events, so having outfits for your mascot can add so much fun to the mix! Extra mascot outfits are a great way to add custom branding and personalization to your mascot costume. Whether you need outfits for various theme nights, need a Halloween costume, or have something customized with your brand in mind, we’ve done it all. All extra outfits are made custom to the size of your mascot to provide a proper fit.

Mascot Outfit IdeasBranded Shirts and Hats, Capes, Graduation Attire, Holiday Attire, Sports Jerseys & More!

Custom Branded Mascot Jersey

Custom Holiday Attire for Mascot Costume

Custom Branded Mascot Outfit

Mascot Accessories

You may want to consider additional accessories such as eyeglasses, sunglasses, goggles, or hats. These accessories can be attached to your mascot’s head via magnets or Velcro to ensure that they don’t fall off during performances while also allowing for easy removal.

Mascot Accessory Ideas: Holiday Hats, Eyeglasses, Sunglasses, Goggles, Face Masks & More!

Eyeglasses for Custom Mascot Costume

Face Mask for Custom Mascot Costume

Goggles and Cape for Custom Mascot Costume

Mascot Props

You can also use mascot props to add another dimension to your character. These props can be related to your particular mascot design, such as a spear or shield for a knight mascot, or they can be a fun addition to the costume, like a purse or toy. Using props can help portray your mascot’s persona or personality and add to the performance. For instance, Onion (part of the Cleveland Indians ‘Tribe Hot Dogs’ mascots) has a purse that she carries around and sometimes uses it in different skits with the other mascots. Almost anything can be made into a mascot prop, so your brand’s creativity can really shine with mascot accessories.

Mascot Props Ideas: Sports Equipment, Spears, Swords, Shields, Briefcases, Purses, Toys & More!

Custom Shield for Mascot Costume

Sports Equipment for Mascot Costume

Shield and Sword Mascot Accessory

Replacement Parts

As you repeatedly use your mascot, certain components of the costume will wear out over time. Mascot gloves and shoes tend to wear out the quickest and usually end up with holes or ragged fur. In order to keep your mascot costume professional and top-notch at all times, make sure to keep an eye on all parts of your mascot to make sure the fur isn’t wearing down. You may even want to have an extra pair of gloves and shoes on hand, just in case of last-minute mishaps. It’s also a good idea to designate one pair for up-close photos ops and another pair for events that may get messy.

Replacement Parts: Gloves, Shoes, Neck Ruffs, Chinstraps

Cooling Accessories

No matter what temperature your mascot will be performing in, the inside of the mascot costume will get hot. Your mascot performer can easily overheat if you do not take the proper precautions. Many mascot owners choose to purchase cooling accessories for their costume to take to events. These accessories can include a cooling vest or cold collar that the performer would wear underneath the costume to ensure they stay cool. You may even want to consider installing a fan into the head of your mascot for better air circulation.

Cooling Accessories: Cooling Vest, Cold Collar, Insulated Bag 

Travel Accessories

Odds are, your mascot will be traveling to various events at varying locations, but transporting a mascot costume, large or small, can be a major challenge. You want to make sure that you don’t deform or destroy any part of the costume and that it is free from dirt or other substances. To ensure the protection of your costume, it is important to have a designated, custom-sized carrying case.

You can choose from a soft duffle bag or hard-sided carrying case. If your mascot costume has a lot of fragile foam parts, you should opt for a hard-sided case in order to protect those parts from being damaged. If you are transporting your mascot costume in a controlled environment (i.e. nothing will come in contact with the costume), a large duffle bag will work great. Note that it is best to hang up your mascot costume for long term storage and in-between uses, that way it can air out.

Travel Accessories: Duffle Bag, Hard Carrying Case

In need of some mascot accessories to improve your mascot program? Mascot accessories are a great way to show off your brand’s creativity, and the possibilities are endless. View our mascot gallery for inspiration, and contact our mascot team to discuss your ideas!

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