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Naming the Mascot Costume

During the early stages of creating the Ibis mascot with Olympus Mascots, Tormenta FC didn’t have a name for him. To make it more exciting and engaging for the fans, the team encouraged fan participation through social media polls. After a series of polls, fans decided on the name “Bolt”.



Legend Behind the Mascot

Tormenta FC is a professional American soccer club based in Statesboro, Georgia. The club was founded in 2015, and since then has become a popular team within the league and community. According to Tormenta FC’s legend, their team mascot grew up along the Georgia coast and freshwater streams playing pickup soccer with the locals and fellow Ibis. The story says a big storm swept him away one day, but several days later he washed up on Tybee Island. Luckily, Joshua Phelps, Tormenta’s captain, was on the island surfing. Joshua took the Ibis into his care, brought him into the Tormenta family, and he fit right in.


Tormenta FC Ibis Mascot Costume


Bolt's Trip Around the World

One of the coolest things that Bolt has done is his trip around the world. Bolt visited the hometown of every player on the team, which amounted to twelve countries around the world! During this trip, he visited cities across the world and tweeted fun facts and pictures from each location. Bolt’s final destination on his trip around the world was Statesboro, GA, the home of Tormenta FC.

This trip not only got fans excited about the season and players on the team but also the introduction of the mascot costume. To introduce the final mascot costume to fans, Tormenta FC filmed a video of Bolt arriving at the Savannah Airport and shared the video on social media. Bolt then made his first appearance at the inaugural home opener.


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Tormenta FC Bolt the Ibis Mascot Holding Sign


Connecting the Team to the Fans

Tormenta’s team mascot is the bridge that connects the fans to the team. Tormenta makes sure to take advantage of using Bolt for different marketing opportunities. Bolt is used for several gameday promotions, as well as various appearances throughout the community.

During games, Bolt helps lead the crowd in cheering on the players as well as having fun experiences with the fans. In the community, Bolt attends various events with the team to connect with fans. Engaging fans is not only important during the season, but also during the offseason. Keeping active on social media and attending events in the offseason keeps fans excited and looking forward to the next season.

Tormenta FC Bolt the Ibis Mascot Hugging a Fan

Using Bolt on Social Media

In addition to interacting with fans in person, Bolt is crucial for keeping fans engaged with the team on social media. The club’s main focus for Bolt is to grow his social media presence and gain more of a following. The team wants him to be perceived as a fun and witty mascot that fans can connect with.

Bolt has his own Twitter account and a TikTok account, and both are important in promoting him and the team. On Twitter, they focus on showing his witty side by interacting with fans, players, and other teams. In 2019, Bolt even participated in the Dolly Parton Challenge, a common trend going around social media. On TikTok, they try to focus most on his fun side by partaking in many of the TikTok fads that are going around as well as including fun things happening day to day.

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Tormenta FC Bolt the Ibis Mascot Social Media Challenge

Mascot's Impact on the Brand

Bolt adds a fun and unique dynamic to the organization, and he has had a significant impact on the brand. Like many other team mascots, Bolt serves as one of the faces of the organization and is an incredible marketing tool. He is recognizable to fans and other people in the community, and he has added to Tormenta FC’s brand recognition.

One of the main goals behind Tormenta FC is to be a family-oriented club instead of just being a business. Since having Bolt as their team mascot, Tormenta FC has achieved this goal, as Bolt adds a more fun and youthful aspect to the club by interacting with fans.

Tormenta FC's Mascot Tips

Tip 1:

Create a backstory for your mascot to help with long-term branding.

Tip 2:

Make social media pages for your mascot to bring more attention to your overall brand.

Tip 3:

Think about the climate in your area when picking fabrics for the costume.

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