Our Projects

We've hand-crafted thousands of custom mascot characters including corporate mascots, university mascots, high school mascots, professional sports team mascots, charity mascots, non-profit mascots, and small business mascots. Directly from our customers' perspective, read on about the work we've done and how our customers use their mascots to enhance engagement with their audience.

Phoenix Water's two company mascots of Wayne Drop and Loo Poo douse the Phoenix, Arizona community with environmental education programming and sustainability awareness. The conservation and recycling mascots have erupted a dam of positive impacts for Phoenix Water.

ASU-Newport wanted a way to unite their three campuses. With no sports team, they turned to a mascot. A university mascot gets students excited and creates a unifying persona on and off campus. ASU-Newport mascot's Ace the Aviator was inspired by the school’s location on an old air force base. Soar through the story of Ace the Aviator!

Johnny and Storm are Rowland High School's horse and raider mascots. The high school mascots lasso in excitement for students, staff, and community members.

Sir Maximus is the knight mascot for Columbia Southern University, an online private college. Columbia Southern University uses their knight mascot on social media and at networking events, conferences, and expos across the globe. Columbia Southern University's Sir Maximus mascot is a knight to remember!

Bolt the Ibis is the team mascot for Tormenta FC, a professional soccer club. Bolt serves as one of the faces of the organization and bridges the gap between fans and the team. The club takes full advantage of using their Ibis mascot as a marketing tool through gameday promotions, community events, and social media outreach.

In 2018, Truliant wanted to rebrand to something more colorful and revamp their mascot program. The Truliant marketing team started brainstorming new mascot ideas, and they came up with Truceratops – a big yellow dinosaur mascot costume with a fun and entertaining name that kids would really enjoy.

The Tennessee Soybean Festival has been a growing tradition in the City of Martin, Tennessee for 27 years. The City of Martin started conversations around developing a mascot for the festival in 2018 and ended up designing a bean mascot just in time for the opening of the 2019 festival. Super Soy has added a whole new dynamic to the festival and its branding!

Throughout the years, Marion High School has had numerous school mascots, but none of them were ever adequate to fulfil their needs. Marion High School worked closely with Olympus Mascots to design a mascot costume that was everything they wanted to represent their school.

Back in 2005, the Cleveland Indians followed suit with the Milwaukee Brewers and added their own in-game mascot race. The Indians started the Hot Dog Derby with three racing hot dog mascots: Onion, Mustard, and Ketchup. Over the years, the Tribe Hot Dogs have grown their presence at games, in the community, and on social media.

From logos, to buffalo trophies and stuffed animals, to employees calling themselves “the Herd”, it is a huge part of the company culture. For the company’s twentieth anniversary, they brought their buffalo logo to life with the creation of a buffalo mascot, Roman.

Mississippi State thrives on its rich history of spirit and tradition. The cowbell reigns as the largest tradition at Mississippi State, and in 2019, the university worked with Olympus Mascots to add cowbell mascots to their fan experience.

The Texas Roadhouse mascot, Andy Armadillo, has been around since the first Texas Roadhouse restaurant opened in February of 1993. Andy is the brand representative for Texas Roadhouse and embodies the restaurant's family concept of making people smile, creating experiences, and having a fun atmosphere.