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Brewers - Mascot Client Logo
Dunkin' Donuts - Client Logo
Keebler - Client Logo
Mississippi State University - Mascot Logo
Toyota - Client Logo
Marquette University - Mascot Logo
LSU - Client Logo
University of Alabama - Client Logo
Coleman - Client Logo
Post - Client Logo
Culver's - Mascot Client Logo
Banana Boat - Client Logo
Frito Lay - Mascot Client Logo
Cleveland Indians - Client Logo
KFC - Mascot Client Logo
Miller Lite - Mascot Client Logo
M&M's - Client Logo
Energizer - Mascot Client Logo
Two Men and a Truck - Mascot Logo
Texas Roadhouse - Mascot Client Logo
Houston Astros - Mascot Client Logo
Cricket - Client Logo
Carmex - Client Logo
Android - Client Logo
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What We Do

We hand-craft custom mascot characters for corporations, schools, sports teams, specialty, and not-for-profit businesses who are passionate about their brand and want to create an interactive, engaging experience with their audience.

About Olympus Mascots

We have been hand-crafting custom mascots for nearly 50 years. In fact, we’ve produced some of the most iconic mascots including Ronald McDonald, the Geico Gecko, the Energizer Bunny and the M&M’s characters.
We know that your mascot character is the face of your brand. From initial designs and material selections through production and delivery, our team of designers, artists and sewing professionals obsess over every detail to ensure your mascot tells your brand story.

Learn About Our Capabilities

Manufacturing a Mascot - Olympus Sewing Team

Our Process


It’s not every day that you buy a mascot, so the process might seem a little daunting. That’s why we have dedicated mascot specialists to take you through each step, answer your questions along the way, and provide advice and insights based on our nearly 50 years of experience.

Process of making a mascot

Customer Stories

"Olympus was huge with helping us design and create and build the mascots. Because they are racing mascots, we really wanted to keep the performer in mind with vision, durability, and mobility. Olympus was very helpful with creating and designing the mascots, so they are not clunky and heavy for running the race 81 times a year."

Eric Gebhardt, Assistant Mascot Coordinator, Cleveland Indians

Our Expertise

A mascot can be any person, animal, or an object used to represent an organization, company, product, or service. If you’re considering getting a custom mascot, you may be asking, “How can a mascot add value to our organization?” or “What impact would a mascot have on our brand?”. Here are four reasons you need a mascot!

Your mascot’s introduction is vital to your mascot character’s success in promoting your brand. From the first moment your character steps onto the field or appears at an event, you want them to connect with your fans and to become the face of your brand. The big question is- how do you do it?

A common custom mascot material is sculpted or vacuum sealed foam. To find out if foam mascots are right for you, we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons based on the knowledge we’ve gathered from our 45 years of experience creating mascots.

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